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Our Services

Employer Assist by Business 360 assists employers to achieve confidence in their employment and safety management practices. We offer a complete range of workplace support services to manage the compliance and productivity of the workforce.


Our principle service provides two integrated solutions tailored for your workplace compliance requirements. Essential frameworks that provide peace of mind and put you in control of your workplace practices.

Employer Assist – Employment Practices:

  • Tailored solutions for Fair Work compliance
  • Complete set of personalised company and employee workplace documents
  • A supportive approach to resolving employee issues
  • Access to employment and workplace lawyers

Employer Assist – Work Health and Safety:

  • Workplace / system compliance evaluation and recommendations
  • Health and Safety manual and handbook tailored to your business
  • System training support
  • Staff induction support

General HR Support

HR support when you need it for employee matters

  • Policy and contract creation
  • Employee correspondence and document updates
  • General HR advice including process and supporting documents
  • Legal advice is available through our partner law firm
  • Workplace updates newsletter.

Expert Employment Practices Legal Advice

Available to give you the peace of mind that your decisions and your actions are the right ones. Our national law partners Barry.Nilsson. provide Employment Law advice and representation.

Manager and Staff Inductions

Train and align your staff to your new or updated HR and/or WHS management systems. We explain policies and procedures and help your team put them into practice.

Workplace Inspection and Review (Currency of Compliance)

  • Awards and Wages
  • Contracts and Policies
  • Workplace Safety System – worksite and document check
  • Stand-alone Review and Report services: Interpreting the legislative rules and regulations against your current workplace practices, so you can see if you have any gaps and if your business is compliant right now.

Soft Skills Training

In partnership with the Australian Institute of Management, we can support your business with the delivery of essential skills training in areas such as leadership, project management, sales, communication and management.

Frontline Leader Workshops

Workplace Training to help you and your team address skill gaps in managing people, performance and culture.


Workshops can be provided to assist your key people including topics such as:

  • The Power of Policies and Practices – being better at managing everyday matters to avoid serious problems and how to manage them should they arise.
  • Leading from the front – Leadership mindsets
  • Managing Performance – insights into Fair Work HR Processes
  • How to create desired Workplace Culture using identity-based behaviour
  • Employability? How to identify and foster staff trust using considerations of Employee Skill and Will, and other engagement practices
  • Skill with people – the building blocks of performance
  • Effective Communication in 2022
  • How to conduct employee meetings across their lifecycle: Initial interview, Check-ins, Performance, Conduct, through to Termination meetings
  • WHS Risk Management obligations – the things that must be done to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Review and update your Vision, Mission and Values, to align employees with your purpose.

Management Liability Insurance

Business 360 clients receive favourable terms on insurance cover for Employment Practices and Statutory Liability Insurance.

Our referral partners can assess and assist you with an appropriate cover of your management systems and practices with Business 360.