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Business 360 Approach

We work as a supporter and protector of your vision, helping you translate that vision into the day to day operations of your business. Our Business 360 Model underpins our approach to assisting you.


Workforce Strategy

Without the right plan, right people or right support your workforce will often fall short of its potential. By clearly outlining workplace goals and objectives and the planned strategy to achieve them, business owners can focus on driving the business forward.

Business 360 can help: Consultation with Business 360 will enable business owners to clearly identify what they want to achieve from their business objectives through their workforce. Effective workplace management systems, address barriers to reaching these goals and most importantly provide a clear and actionable strategy on how to go about meeting these objectives.

Governance, Protocols and Practices

As workplaces grow and change, documented employment and safety management systems are required to be implemented and regularly updated to mutually protect the employees and the business owners’ interests.

When the protocols and expected standards are properly integrated, they enable management to easily identify any below standard or unsafe activity, either performance or behaviour based. These issues can then be addressed through a functional performance or disciplinary workplace process.

Business 360 can help: with our Employer Assist service to establish the required compliance framework for protocols and workplace practices to be aligned to the business objectives. Designed to be in control of your workplace practices life cycle, from conducting compliance reviews, updating your current documents and processes, staff training, through to advice and legal support from Employment and Insurance Law experts.

Engagement and Alignment

While having clearly defined protocols is vital, it is just as important that your managers and supervisors understand why these protocols are in place and have buy in to the formalisation of these as part of your business.

Business 360 can help: with manager and staff inductions into your new system and provide workshops to drive managerial engagement in the development of the specifics of the protocols and workplace practices. Operational structure and support aligned to your business vision.

Education and Integration

Once the policies and procedures are formulated and endorsed, these then need to be systematically implemented by management to your staff. To effect change within the workplace the integration of these practices needs to be consistent and systematic. High work ethic, increased morale and improved clarity of the company vision is a direct result of a properly systemised integration process.

Business 360 can help: with on-site and programmatic assistance supporting your managers to communicate and implement the integration of your protocols and procedures with their direct reports. Workshops can be provided to assist your management team covering topics such as; The Power of Policies and Practices, Managing Performance – insights into Fair Work HR Processes, Leadership and Workplace Culture Using Considerations of Skill and Will, WHS Risk Management Obligations, Insights and Tasks.

Business 360 are in partnership with The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) who provide a range of business courses to address personal effectiveness and skill set gaps within your key people.

Accountability and Metrics

When expectations are clearly defined in the business, it is easier to set high standards across all levels of staff. This provides a clear benchmark for staff and management to operate productively thanks to higher levels of performance.

Business 360 can help: by providing tools to assess accountability and performance by benchmarking personal effectiveness through skill and will across your team.

Review and Refinement

Business is ever changing, and successful businesses are agile. Understanding that how you do things today, may not be how they are done tomorrow, and ensuring you have proactive and full circle visibility of this is important.

Business 360 can help: by supporting the business owner on an ongoing basis to ensure protocols and practices continue to be aligned to the direction and objectives of the business.

We can assist you with your regulatory currency needs, with ongoing review of your Work Health and Safety and Human Resources management systems.