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About Us

As workplace Relations consultants, Business 360 help employers achieve peace of mind on employment and safety management practices.

With over 30 years of experience, Business 360 is committed to providing high-quality and professional service. As a respected industry player, Business 360 is built on a foundation of consulting, educating and sharing best practice tools that support small and medium businesses to drive efficiencies and profitability.

It all goes towards our aim: giving employers peace of mind through knowing they run a fair and safe workplace.

At heart, the challenge is one of instilling your personal management ethos into systems, practices and staff conduct, while also meeting complex government regulations. How do you do this?

Answering this question is a core purpose of Business 360.

We’re here to guide you. We’re here to engage with you and your people. We’re here to understand your business, your needs and your ways. We identify your pain points, understand potential roadblocks and provide affordable support that delivers on business outcomes.

Running a business is more than just creating revenue: a better business is a unified workplace that is aligned and engaged with its purpose.


How can a workplace align its staff to one purpose so that everyone shares the vision and willingly fulfils their part of the overall objectives?

Honesty. Trust. Respect. Integrity. Fair Play.

These are our fundamental core values. They’re also the foundations of good business practices. They ring true for our clients too.

These values underpin how ‘good functional form’ is created in the real world. They are, quite simply, fundamental to creating an effective business.

In practice, these values are our standards of behaviour and our identity. They state who we are and inform the quality of how we operate. They are the framework and guiding light for how we conduct ourselves personally and as a business unit. This is our point of difference in the marketplace.

The habits and actions based on these values and beliefs serve to encourage good people and good culture. These disciplines, as practised through shared workplace expectations and accepted behaviours, accumulate as ‘votes to our identity’. They define who we are and ultimately, how we perform over the long term.

Running a business is more than just creating revenue: a better business is a unified workplace that is aligned and engaged with its purpose.


David Reid, Director




David Reid is a workplace practices entrepreneur with core competencies in management, workplace relations, operations, training, trades and business development across a variety of industries. A highly driven individual with demonstrated results, David has been recognised with many business awards.


David understands that one size does not fit all in a business environment, a sentiment that shines through in his ability to deliver and achieve actionable outcomes. His knowledge of business practices has seen David achieve success in small start-ups through to large corporations over the past 30 years.



Darrin Drew, Director




With over 25 years of experience managing and delivering professional services solutions. Darrin Drew possesses a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit combined with a passion for workplace compliance, harmony and productive outcomes.


Darrin is equipped with a broad skill set ranging from management, product development, training, business development to customer service delivery. Having consulted with literally thousands of employers and managers within SME and corporate workplaces, Darrin possesses a deep understanding of the challenges of managing the modern day workforce.