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Welcome to Business 360

As workplace relations consultants, Business 360 help employers achieve peace of mind on employment and safety management practices.

We help you manage the compliance and productivity of your workforce through offering a complete range of support services. We put you in control of your workplace practices – no matter where your business is in its lifecycle.

We do this through:

  1. Reviewing your compliance (HR & WHS Management Systems)

  2. Updating your current employment documents and processes

  3. Training your managers and orientate your staff

  4. Providing advice and support from employment and insurance law experts

Every successful business owner faces a point when, as the capacities and capabilities of their staff are tested, they realise they can no longer handle everything alone.

They realise they need documented employment and safety management systems. And, after implementation, they see that these systems must be regularly updated to mutually protect the employees and the business owners’ interests.

Your vision for where you want the business to go isn’t always being embraced by your extended team on a day to day basis. In today’s business landscape, it’s vital that your operational practices are structured, communicated and most importantly implemented well to ensure you remain competitive.

  • When you get this right, your business is more profitable, more agile and more enjoyable to run.
  • If there’s misalignment, you’ll see employee disengagement, low productivity, or even more serious legal & governance ramifications.

The Business 360 Performance and Productivity model has been designed to address the key pillars of building a strong, cohesive business where all staff are engaged and aligned with the business objectives.


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